Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday's Trio of Blessings

You know those days you get when you just have your 'Grr' face on? For absolutely no reason at all? Well, that's what day it is today for me. I've decided to dub today, 'Jade's Grumpy Day.' I've pretty much pinned in down to withdrawal symptoms... withdrawal symptoms from a few things, this bearded fellow below being one of them:

Buuuuut it's just one more sleep and then I can be back in his arms. So I guess that could be today's First Blessing. I'm having a hard time coming up with 'blessings' today - but it is only 9 o-clock so surely things will improve. 

For starters I've got a cracker of a hangover after demolishing three bottles of wine last night. Self-inflicted. Do not feel sympathy for me. 
I completely skipped the drunk stage and headed straight for the spinning room. Urgh. 
So waking up this morning proved to be rather difficult... once I'd finally gotten up from the comforts of my wonderful bed I padded downstairs ready to make some scrambled eggs. 
Low and behold - only ONE egg remained. 
To make matters worse still, we had the tiniest little smidgen of milk left. Inconsiderate f#@kers. Determined to make my desired scrambled eggs, I set to work., Cracking the egg (thank God it was extra large at least...) shaking out every droplet of milk from the carton. It wasn't too bad to be honest, though just a teaser for my demanding tummy. 
THEN ... hahaha.... then, my friends, there was no coffee. 
No. Coffee. 

I don't know how, but I made it to work and am now suckling on a cup of green tea. 

Things get worse still. Most of my readers are from America, Canada or the UK.... So you probably don't know about the crazy postal service strike currently going on in South Africa. 
This means that absolutely every parcel, package and letter I have sent over the past while has been lost or held somewhere for an indefinite amount of time. 

This means that now, any important things I need to send, has to be done through a courier.... which equals mega bucks. 

At least it's a sure way of knowing the things get there safely and quickly. I'm sending yet another one of my books to a client. She'll be doing a book review on it too so I'm excited to feature that in my blog later this month or next!

That leads me on to Blessing Two
My book is still in high demand and sales have been thriving. Just this morning I read a wonderful email from JC Carter over at:

She's all the way from NEW YORK. Can you imagine my excitement??? My book, in NY City!? I am actually going to BEG her to snap a shot with my book in the middle of Times Square. 
JC is also keen to get her hands on a copy of the book and has even offered to do a book review on it too!! Eeeek. This is both scary and awesome. 
Your book is never going to be everyone's cuppa tea and it's no secret that I am absolutely SICK of my first book. If I never saw it again I'd be pretty stoked. Unless it just so happened to be stacked on a best-seller shelf in a bookstore. That'd be pretty groovy, Hey, a girl can dream. 
I guess you do end up resenting your work after dedicating over six years of your life to it day in and day out. 
My second book is so much better - but so we learn, right? We all have to start somewhere. 

Blessing Three... ehhhh...... God, why is it so hard today?? I'm alive.... am I allowed to say that? Haha. I didn't crash my car (close call earlier this week.....). 

Oooo no wait! Got it!!! 

I found shampoo and conditioner in the house!!! Yeahhhhh! 

See, here's the thing - I. Am. Broke. 

It sounds silly to say it, but a begging homeless person probably has more than I do at present. 
Yip. It's that bad. 
I budget every single month and usually I do really well. My MacBook Pro has such a cool budget planner on it that has been a great help - but lately there's been so many unforeseen expenditures.... doctor bills, medicine, printing costs, vet bills, blah blah blah. 
Life pretty much decided to sucker-punch me in the face and say, 'Here Jade, have a taste of this!' and feed me with a face full of dirt. 
Man oh man, it's been hard. 
The thing that really broke my heart this month was having to stop my monthly savings for my travel account. I may have cried. Just a bit. Ok.... a lot.
I had this plan that extended all the way to the end of 2016 - which was a compiled list of what I could save each month until then and I had this massive figure written in bold red pen right at the end. It made me feel so proud, I'd look at it every single morning and smile. 
Let me be clear - I hate money. I wish I could do a 'Alexander Supertramp' from Into The Wild on everyone and just burn all the money I have - BUT.... airplane tickets and travel costs money. 
So does the bloody R50'000.00 Pnina Tornai wedding dress I have my heart set on.. if I ever stop being petrified of the word 'Marriage.'

PLUS kids?!? Ai ai aiiiiii.... 

It was a BIG blow to scrunch up that savings plan for my dream to travel that I'd worked so hard on.
I've come to the realization that I'm never going to be fuck-off wealthy and to be honest, I don't want to be. 
I just want to see some sort of a result from working so hard all the god-damned time.  
I want to be able to see it reflect in my account so that I can do the things in life that are truly important to me. 
But I guess we all feel that way, don't we? I don't know why I'm even bothering to express it actually. 

So I must say I got pretty freaking excited when I stumbled upon some Organics Shampoo and Conditioner and was able to give the old messy mane a good scrubbing this morning. 

Yeah............... my Thursday Trio of Blessing posts are usually MUCH more optimistic and positive but you know what? This is life - and sometimes you are just in a SHITTY mood for no reason at all... to put it bluntly. So there you have it.

Hope you're all having a better day than I.

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  1. That hangover sounds like mine today. I only had 2 bottles of wine though, so I can't imagine how rough you must have felt!

    1. Yeah.. it was bad enough that I didn't even drink last night. Now that's something.

  2. Oh my gosh Jade, that wedding is so beautiful!!!

    I know the feeling shitty for no reason feeling so well, one could I say, I'm an expert but then I have some yummy food and I'm happy again. Just kidding, it's totally the blonde little child that lifts my spirits.

    I really have to find a copy of your book and read it!!!!

    Can I give you a blessing? The fact that you've travelled and have written a book really inspires me. It's strange to think that you're younger than I am but you've done and see so many things and place and met so many people. Very inspirational!

    1. Thanks Lisa-Jade. I saw it on Say Yes To The Dress and fell head over heels.
      Hehehehe I'll save you a copy of my book :D

      Thank you for reminding me of blessings I've been lucky enough to experience <3

  3. Oh my - I love the way you write! You're just so impulsive and awesome!!! I can relate to so many things! Here in Malta postage can sometimes be cr@ppy :)

    I'm new and working on my followers - visit my blog? Promise i'll follow back :)

    Amanda x

    1. I have been craving bloody maltesers since last night thanks to you hahahaha xxxxx

  4. Nice post! It's so inspiring :)

  5. I know how you feel! I sometimes have these days too. But alcohol is a depressant, and I find that the next day I always feel super down and that's the only way I can explain it! Also I always say the same thing about being poorer than a homeless person haha. I just came back from America and I'm broke!! I think it's absolutely amazing how you've written your own books though!! That is actually my dream someday. Could you write a post about the journey of writing a book?! xx

  6. That's such a bummer about the mail strike :( Hopefully things clear up soon! And congrats on your book's success!


    1. Yeah it really sucks - I'm hoping it will be cleared before Xmas. But SO many people have suffered from it. Work permits delayed etc etc... its shocking.

  7. Loving those beautiful pics of you and your beau! That wedding dress is awesome, too! Keep sipping that green tea, Doll. xx T.

    1. Thanks Tina :D
      I love that wedding dress - fell in love with it ages ago and it has been in my mind ever since xxxx

  8. Oh my, no coffee AND hungover = DREADFUL! Ugh lol Hope your day improved love. xo

  9. We're human, we all have days like this, even when we have so much to be grateful for. I have them sometimes and then feel crappy at the end of the day for my negative outlook. I hope next week is better for you my friend.

    1. I know I felt pretty embarrassed after my shitty mood after a sleep hahaha


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