Monday, October 6, 2014

Travel is Life

Lately I've been on the prowl to discover new and interesting bloggers - I feel the need to read inspiring tales and see the beauty of other peoples worlds captured in the forms of eternal photographs and priceless words. 

I've come across some incredible people. I cannot get enough of their worlds and find myself being filled with overwhelming envy yet I feel this is a good thing. It has driven me. Inspired me. Reawakened me while I was on the verge of falling back asleep.
Travel. My life. My love. 
That little booklet containing stamps and holding pages upon pages of memories from trekking the globe - it needs to be hauled out again soon.
The stories I have been reading are beyond incredible - from women and men from all over the world, of all different shapes, colors and sizes... people who, like me, are passionate about boarding that airplane and experiencing all that the world has to offer. 

There's one substantial difference though. 
These people that I have recently stumbled across all did something amazing. 

They quit their jobs, sold their worldly possessions, booked a one-way ticket and packed their bags. 
(Probably not all of which in that order). 
Some have never returned since. 

The magical thing about many of these blogs above and beyond the incredible stories of their journeys, is that they want to help you achieve it too. 
They offer advice and tips. Helpful, quirky know-hows. Budget plans. Must-see stops... 
And so much more. 

Please check their world-class blogs out below, but be warned: If you click on the links below and haven't been bitten by the travel bug yet..... then you're about to be:

I very nearly had the pleasure of meeting this 'fella the other day after sending out a bunch of random emails to strangers I found off google while trying to find a job in Bali.
My plan was to go there for roughly 6 months and work while spending just as much time playing in the sun and surf.
This guy responded to my email pretty quickly, letting me know that he was actually in South Africa on a surfing trip as he typed and he would be passing through Knysna too! What a coincidence!! Unfortunately, things didn't work out and we missed each other - but we've kept in touch and will definitely be crossing paths (or waves) in Bali in the near future.

The other blogs you can link to below are all ones I found from Chris actually - and I'm so glad that I did! They're all just incredible:

"In 2010 I LEFT England to PURSUE a life of work and TRAVEL on the other side of the world, starting in Australia and then moving to New Zealand. Today I balance life in London as a freelance writer and online marketing consultant with my love of travel. Follow my journey as I explore the world without living out of a suitcase."

"In February 2012 I sold all of my belongings and took a one way FLIGHT TO Costa Rica. I haven't stopped traveling since. Join me, Camille Willemain, in my adventures discovering peace, balance, and bliss across the world."

"I'm done with the office. It's time to explore the places I've always fantasised about by making my money last as long as possible. Stick with me and I'll show you how they do festivals, holidays, breakfasts, wine o'clocks and life around the world..." 

Personally, I related a lot with:

If you read the below excerpt from her blog you'll understand why:

"I spent most of my 20s in a standstill, unable to pick which path in life I wanted to take. I wanted the nomadic life of a traveler but also wanted the husband, the condo, and the kitten named Bacon. 

Unable to decide which life I wanted more, I did nothing. When I turned 30 I’d had enough of putting my life on hold and decided to start “choosing my figs.” 

So, I quit my job, bought a one-way ticket to Europe, and have been traveling the world ever since."

Like she was, I am currently in my 20's - torn by which way to go.
Travel will always be a major part of who I am. Already I have been to:











The French Riviera: 





To name only a few places on my far from complete list.

A big part of me dreams to do what the aforementioned travel bloggers have done.
Just quit.
Book a ticket.
It's something I've dreamed about for years.

But right now - I'm not in the position to do so.
It's not about the money. I have more than enough saved up after years of blood, sweat and tears. I have worked ever since I finished school. I never had a gap year - never had a break - and MAN do I yearn for one.

The travels I have already done were all during leave from work - I always had obligations and something to come back to.

I can't even imagine what it feels like to leave and be completely, soulfully free. To be totally untied. Wow. 

I have a job I adore (how lucky am I to be able to say that!?)

 Two cats and a dog that are quite literally my fur-ball kids:

A (crazy) family that I love spending time with:

A partner-in-crime that granted I'm still getting to know but whom I am already falling deeply, deeply in love with. 

He has a full-time job too that he can't leave, his own company that he runs with his dad. 

We have, however, decided to book our tickets for a fun-filled, surfing holiday in Bali for next year. 

I can hardly wait! My surfing needs some serious improving till then - it's been far too long since I took surfing (something that used to nearly mean as much to me as travel and writing does,) seriously.

Before Bali, there has been talk about a little getaway to gorgeous Mozambique for Sam's 30th. 

Vamizi Island - Mozambique

So that's already two little travel plans we are setting into motion. 

I wish that I could tell you more. 
I wish I could tell you a great tale about selling all of my worldly belongings, barring the clothes on my back. I wish I could tell you I spent the money on some old beat up camper van and that for the next year I'd be traveling through Africa.... teaching the underprivileged to read and write, teaching them English and how to grow their owns crops... learning from them too and their humbly, simplistic lifestyle compared to ours.

Lately, I've been pretty bored with blogging.. if I'm honest. I want to give my blog some 'va-va-voom.' 
I want to build something, change something.. make a difference in the world. I want to inspire people. Help people. I want this blog to be meaningful. Something that you read every word of, not just skim over a few photographs and leave a small comment. I want to leave a mark on the world - on you... not just write the occasional recipe post that you may or may not try out. Write about a recent book I read that you may or may not read. I want to share with you the joys and hardships of travel - of life. Of a life. A life of one little girl... because that's what I am. But, I am far from ordinary. I have ambitions and goals bigger than life itself... and one day, hopefully soon, I will start writing about them on this here blog.

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  1. I'm pretty much a homebody, and don't do a lot of traveling, but I love to enjoy other places vicariously through the computer. Thank you for sharing all these links to adventure!

  2. So many places already! I'm jealous, but I'll get to my list more next year, money is always an issue. And I feel you on that last sentiment. Just keep writing even about the small things, because sometimes they have the biggest impact.

    1. Hehe that's only a small fraction of the places I have visited. I've been to many other places too - I can't even remember them all!!!

  3. I don't know where to start Jade. Maybe from the top and work my way down. I'm in awe of all those bloggers who've done just that and wish I could do the same. Again. I did that almost four years ago and went to the US. I fell in love with the people and country but had to come back because of my poochie. But that was the only thing keeping me from returning. I've been yearning to do that ever since. I work for myself now which makes it hard to save anything really. Times aren't as fruitful as I'd love them to be so for now I love vicariously through others travels. And man has it been a godsend. Though it's also bittersweet. I have a bunch of travels and adventures planned out for the next year or so. Just needing to be creative enough to fund it all. I love these new bloggers you've mentioned. Curious about "Choosing Figs" her story mimicked my own sadly. I spent my early 20's confused and asleep, just following what everyone expects you to do. Work 9-5 have a boyfriend, get married. Eat work sleep repeat. I wish I'd trusted my gut at 19 and sold everything and moved overseas to Europe, I even had an internship penned out but I listened to everyone telling me a life of convention was the way to go. Five years later I woke up and my world shattered. I was unhappy and angry that I'd lost so much precious time. Six years on I'm only now trying to pursue that dream once again.


  4. Ah Jade, how lucky are you to have travelled to so many places? I want to start my travels too, hopefully some time in the next year or so. The world is too vast and filled with wonder to just be seated in one place. Please keep sharing your travel stories so that I can continue to be insanely jealous and get my ass in gear!!


  5. Wow Jade..I totally feel you. At times, even I want to do that…just quit my job, go for the skiing trip I always wanted to, trek the nepalese valleys and just enjoy living life. This 9 to 6 job is boring. But then KNOCK KNOCK..REALITY CHECK! Grass is always greener on the other side :( But someday, someday i will definitely go for that trip!!!

    1. A skiiing trips been on my list for the lngest time too Anshul. I hope it happens for you soon!! xxx

  6. tHOSE travel blogs looks really interesting
    thanks for sharing the links.

    Love your travel pics♥

  7. Jade, you inspired me with this post... I do have the travel bug, I will have to wait to just pick up and go, I would if I could but my youngest is 11, so now is the time to plan and save. I want to see so many places, I look forward to having the opportunity in the future...

    The blog I talked about is from a guy Martin, incredibly sweet... he has a fashion blog but he took that trip to Bali and he was very touched by his experience ... I never thought I wanted to see Bali until he blogged about it, he is his link, it looks like he had an amazing time :)

    Thank you for dropping by and commenting, have a lovely day <3

    1. Yes you can do so much now to make sure the trip of a lifetime is worth it! Enjoy the preparation - but don't plan too much.

      Thanks for the link to Martin! xxxxxx

  8. "travel is the only thing that makes you richer", right?
    I did sort of what these people did, only I stayed in the first place I landed, ha... I did quit my job and city life to move to the beach and haven't left since.. I love the Caribbean, so much...but still dream of that kind of life.. a life where I could travel to all sorts of places, experience new things and food and jobs, meet new people, discover other beliefs and cultures.. traveling opens you up so much... I wish I had the money to travel from town to town... my next destinations would have to be India & Thailand.... and Bali oh yes!..I wanna go to all that part of the world... maybe one day... oh please, maybe...
    btw..thanks for your awesome comment on my post, seriously I'm flattered about what you said about my artwork... I usually don't think as it is much... lack of confidence or what not... but thanks! I appreciate that.. :)
    much love!

  9. Sigh. This post is so relatable to me! I also have a huge passion for travelling and I want to travel to every single place the world has to offer.... Someday. I've been highly lucky to have grown up in different countries because my dad used to be an Ambassador, but I want to travel the world alone and meet new people, discover new things, and really make the most out of my life. Have you watched "Into The Wild"? If you haven't, you should! He basically left everything behind... His family, his money, his life.... Just so he could travel by foot to Alaska. I want to do something similar to that one day. When I'm older and more capable <3

    1. Thanks Kylie!! I have read the book - I may actually go rent the movie tonight! Dying to watch it actually!!! xxx

  10. This sounds so great Jade! Checking out their blogs now. I love traveling myself and would love to just quit everything and do the same as these people, but I am flat broke, have already been on a year long break from work and my finances and life are going no where. For now, my priority is to find a job asap which allows me to travel and afford it. You're lucky you've been to so many wonderful countries. I had a dream this morning that I won a free trip to Egypt. Lets hope that happens some day!

  11. I love discovering new blogs too and getting a glimpse into someone else's way of living. I mainly stick to lifestyle and fashion blogs but maybe I should check some travel ones out too!

    1. Yeah have a read - something so fresh and different.

  12. wow I love it! would love to travel someday--the furthest I've gone is Hawaii! Hmm you gave me an idea for a blog--I never talked about that before :) so nice to discover your adventures! xoxo

    1. Awesome! I look forward to reading what you come up with!

  13. I'm glad you have big ambitions - I'm the same way. What is life without having big dreams to aspire to? :)

  14. Ooh I need to check out some of these blogs! :)

  15. Love this post,it's soo nice :)
    Antonella :)

  16. I just discovered your blog and to say I'm inspired would be an understatement!! WOW!!! Pretty amazing...and best of luck to you!!!

    1. Oh wow thank you Melissa!!! :) That is so nice to hear!
      Great to meet you xxx

  17. So much inspiration, here! And, so many places that are on my own bucket list--including Paris and Amsterdam. :) T.

  18. Amazing travel posts! I'm traveling soon so it's made me that much more excited to go. :)

  19. Thank you so much, love! It's so hard sometimes to want to do EVERYTHING and not know what life path to choose. But hopefully you will get to traveling! Thank you so much for including me on this amazing list!!

  20. Gosh, I forgot just how many amazing places you have been! You are so young and have already traveled so much Jade!!


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