Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wanderlust Life

Shoes are not important to me. 

Brands and products, polishes and accessories are merely materialistic objects to me. 

Handbags are meant to carry your shit. 

Cars are meant to get you from A to B. 

I couldn't care less if I had a Louis Vuitton bag slung across my shoulder or if my hands were gripped onto the wheel of an Audi R8. 

What is all that, anyway? 

No part of me is interested in it. 

I can barely pull off walking in heels as it is.

Nor can I claim to be any sort of classy or elegant. 

I snort when I laugh.... for one. 

Instead of crossing my legs I'll clamber onto the chair and sit atop my feet.

My hair is hardly ever brushed. 

If there isn't a hole or a stain in my clothing at any given time then pigs have flown.

The best part of all? 

I don't want to be fixed. 

I don't want to be transformed into some diamond loving princess with more make-up plastered on her face than fekking Michael Jackson.

What do I care about, then?

I care about experience. 

I care about that little booklet better known as a passport, filled to the brim with stamps and crinkled pages from my wanderlust life.

I care about the ocean; the waves, the sun and the majestic creatures that live beneath. 

That is why, I have decided, it is time for me to finally combat my fear and breathe under water. 

I am going to get my open waters, my padi.. my 'Whatever I Need To In Order To Find Peace and Joy Under The Salted Water I Love So Dearly,' for more than 60 seconds at a time. 

My new friend Tara over at: Where is Tara? has seriously made me so antsy to dive back into my world that was 2013. Travel. 
2013 brought about more countries than I can count. 
I am so blessed. 
I have only done travel posts on but a few of the jaw-dropping countries I was lucky enough to travel through just last year.

I care about travel. 

I care about boarding a plane and jetting off into unfamiliar places filled with divine new things. From culture and food to scenery and activities.

How could 2014 be so different??? 
I have been no where. 
I have done nothing. 

It feels as though a part of me, the biggest part, has been shoved into the back on a wardrobe to grow old and moldy. 
There's a gigantic weight resting on my soul. 
I feel crushed. 




I need it so desperately. 

I want to add new stamps to my passport.
I want to experience new places. 
I want life. 
I want all that it has to offer. 

Screw the bloody 2010 bottle of red that everyone raves about. 
Screw the Gucci shades. 
Good riddance to the regular hair trims and nail touch-ups.

I am meant for something more. 
I know I am. 


Does anyone else ever feel that way???

If so, how do you get through the inevitable day to day life we need to endure??

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  1. I hope you get your wish and get to travel a lot of places. And if you do, I hope you post about it here so I can live vicariously through you. Haha! I like seeing other places and cultures, but not having any extra money and having a job and family, etc. keeps me pretty much in one place. I don't really care for the "traveling" part of travel either--you know living out of a suitcase and being on a plane or train or whatever. I do enjoy being other places once I actually get there. Hope you fill up that passport! :)

  2. I feel you. I'm saving right now for our Itlay/Greece trip next year. It's so far away and I have no idea what to do with myself in the mean time. What I really need is a job that offers me more time to get to these places.

  3. Even if you don't get to travel in 2014, you're young and I'm sure you can make it happen :):) I do get that feeling sometimes, and I think a good remedy is to explore the area that you live in. You never know what rich history you'll find!


  4. One of the best things I ever did was diving. It is difficult to put into words but man, what a beautiful, vast place it is under water. To be blessed to be able to dive and discover a whole new world below the surface is just indescribable. To literally hang suspended in space, discovering new creatures and new life you've never seen before but have read about in books or see in media, there's nothing else quite like it on this earth.

    If you can, try it out before committing to the course. It may not be for you, as it's not for everyone. Some people have issues with their ears, or health issues that prevent you altogether diving or something as simple as claustrophobia. Chances are, if you enjoy snorkeling, you'll LOVE diving.

    After we did our course in 2011, we bought all of our own gear shy of tanks because we travel dive typically. Hopefully we'll be going somewhere next year to do more diving.... my dream is to swim with whale shark. *swoons*


  5. Go for it! I definitely got a case of wanderlust as well

    Made in Mauve

  6. I enjoy traveling but not the same way your soul craves it, but I do feel sometimes stuck in the monotony of everyday life. Lately I've been challenging myself to find pleasure in the more ordinary things, like falling asleep in my boyfriend's arms or calling my nephew. What I crave is a career and job that I love, I've always wanted that, and today I feel farther away from it then ever. I feel I can understand your yearning for travel, the same way I yearn to wake up and look forward to going to work each day. They are very different things, but the connection is the feeling of belonging. You want to feel like you belong in your surroundings.

    Hugs Jade!

  7. I definitely feel the same way about traveling - it makes me feel so much more alive to travel and to write!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  8. Loving this post, Jade! This was exactly what I needed. Sometimes nyc can get you all wrapped up in materialistic things. I feel as this post was written just for me today. Hope you're doing well, beautiful!

  9. TOO RIGHT! Although I don't have the wanderlust yet -sob-, I absolutely agreed with your resentment of materialism. I couldn't care less about brands, make-up and fancy cars as well! Plus my hair is hardly ever brushed too! :p

    Jenny of

  10. What a beautiful post. My Hubby hasn't got a steady job so we try and compensate by doing little weekend trips. But nothing beats getting on a plane and exploring a new country.

  11. I totally agree with you, Jade. So well written, this post!

  12. I agree--I haven't traveled near as much but I get wanderlust all the time. I just try and tell myself "there must be more than this provincial life" like Belle in Beauty and the Beast lol and hope things will change soon!

  13. I would love to be able to travel! My cousin has always been the, not tied down to anyone place sort and is always traveling somewhere! Ahhhh....the life! Go for it I say!

  14. Hi hi! be able to travel would be great! I say go for it!

  15. Loved reading this post!! :))

  16. Like you, I'm not much of a shoe coveter, myself, Jade! And, the longer I live the more I gravitate toward the joys of travel. More recently, we've begun to explore towns/sites near our home that we've never ventured to before. We call them "mini vacays"--even though they are only day trips. :) T.

  17. I've actually gotten in discussions with people who never travel. Their argument is that they could spend that money on something they could enjoy year-round, like a TV set. I try to explain that traveling is about experience and memories but they don't get it.

  18. This is where you and I differ. I have been.. nowhere. I've left Canada twice to go to the U.S. to visit some family that was living there. I would LOVE to go ANYWHERE .. but it's just not something that we can make happen right now in our lives. We just bought a new house.. we have a baby daughter.. it's just tough. However that does not mean that I won't be able to travel one day. I feel like I have really missed out on seeing some really, truly amazing things. At the same time, I don't regret what I've done just being me, living in my one horsed town either.
    Where are you and Sam thinking about going to travel to? I hope one day you make a plan to travel to the West Coast of Canada. You are always welcome here m'dear ... no joke.

  19. You remind me so, so, SO much of my brother! Some people are just destined to be travelling and exploring the world and not necessarily in the hotel-to-hotel manner and more in the 'throw things in the air and let's go somewhere' kind of way - I hope you find yourself travelling again sometime very soon! Personally, I love to travel but I'm the hotel-to-hotel kind of girl, but that doesn't stop me from admiring your honesty and boldness when it comes to expressing your views on stagnating. I'll be crossing my fingers that this time next year, I'll be commenting on a fascinating travel post of yours! :) Have a great weekend! :)


  20. If there's anything in the world I actually agree with, it is this.
    There is so much of the world, how can you not go out and attempt to see it all?!
    I wish you the best, most enchanting time in your future travels, embrace it all! As for the ocean, aw man, that means a lot to me. It's free. You gotta enjoy it, man.

  21. Oh I so agree with you and feel your pain... I havent traveled much for 2.5 years now thanks to my lack of work and finances... To travel is the best for sure. I dont like wasting money on stupid luxurious items like fancy bags either

  22. As always, Jade, I enjoyed every single word you wrote. I, too feel that burning desire on me, I'm aware that there's a big world out there and I wish so much I could visit as many places as I can someday. Unfortunately, where I live, Argentina, there are extremely ridiculous laws currently that make traveling the hardest thing to do, I'm not even exagerating. It's way too complicated to even beggin to explain it here but you have no idea how frustrating it is. However I try to keep a positive mind and I know someday I'll be traveling, free as a bird ;)
    So, go for it girl! If that's what makes you happy, work hard and travel as much as you want, life is only one! :D

  23. Great blog :)
    You come to my blog and if you like it you observe?

  24. I think you should go for it. If you have no money for some other country, then go to some city at your country you´ve never been to. I sometimes feel the same way, and honestly I don´t what helps me. Probably the feeling has to let go on its own.
    BTW I can´t believe you named a character in your book by me. What an honor. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  25. Amazing. I like travelling! My world has slowed down since I had kids, but I hope I will still do a bit more travelling when I get older… Now we opt for something that is easy to get to with children.

  26. I need a good trip too. It has been too long.

  27. hi dear!!! your blog is soo beautiful and cute!! love the subjects the layout everything!! im your new follower! hope you can visit mine and follow me too! kisses!:)

  28. I loved reading this post, it's so honest yet humorous!
    Your urge to travel is really inspiring, I also want to add new stamps to my passport.. so far I think I have 1!!! :o x


  29. nice quotes *_*



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