Monday, December 1, 2014

November Favorites

My Favorite Purchases: 
The Flower Head-Band and the Indian Bindi

With Summer right on our doorstep in South Africa - I have been in my element, breaking out the sun-dresses, bikinis and sun cream of late.
To better fit the season, I bought a few accessories to complete my Summery Style!

The Bindi is also a part of my fashion now as I plan my trip to India - I am embracing the Indian fashion and lifestyle! I even cooked this amazing curry called Chicken Jalfrezi
(I wrote the recipe down and was excited to do a recipe post on here for you all but I got so excited when I'd finished cooking that I completely forgot to photograph the dish before digging in!! Whoops!)
I've started eating with my hands too which the Indian's do - it's so fun and interesting to embrace their culture.

'Jam' Moments 
(yeah... I actually did it. I put Jade and Sam together in one name (you know, like Brangelina...) and it became 'Jam.' Classic!): 

Exploring the Botanical Gardens and forest for wild mushrooms

Favorite Fun with Friends: 

A Girls-Night Out (what a wild one it was!)

It started out mellow - with sushi and a bit of wine.....
but then the shooters were brought out........

and beer pong was played!

Jessie and I are dying to travel and met up at a local pub to discuss India and Bali travel plans for 2015

Celebrating the bosses birthday at River Deck - I do work with the coolest people

I had to include this photo.. because it just makes me laugh so much! Sam knocked my head-band down.

Favorite Compliment: 

I felt so incredibly blessed and special when I got these lovely messages from my friends about my article on India earlier this month!

November's Favorite Idea: 

I found this Barbie creation simply fantastic!!!

Our world is actually such a disgusting place to grow up in - giving a child a sculptured to perfection doll is ridiculous. It gives kids the wrong idea of who they need to be from such an early stage in life! It isn't right... I mean, have you ever heard of bloody Valeria Lukyanova??? She's literally a real-life barbie doll. Awful!!!

To bring out the 'Average-Girl Barbie Doll,' is one of the smartest and coolest ideas I've heard of for a while! 
So chuffed with it.

What are your thoughts on this regular barbie???

November's Favorite Lunch: 

Works been pretty manic lately... so on the last Friday of the month, our boss spoiled us with this deluxe sushi platter and a few bottles of chardonnay. 
It was, needless to say, DIVINE.

Favorite Tattoo Idea: 

I absolutely love the idea of having a palm tree on my arm like this. It's so Summery and Beachey which summarizes every inch of who I am. 
I don't know if I'd ever have the courage to get a tattoo so visible until after marriage (I don't want to be an ink-ridden bride!) but it would look stunning...

Lately I've been absolutely dying to get a new tattoo. Specifically something to symbolize my love for travel. 

Speaking of MARRIAGE........................................................!!!!

A few years ago, I introduced two incredible people to each other. 
Call me Cupid....

Rachel and Michael got engaged at the end of November and I am so filled with love and warmth - it's an amazing feeling knowing that I introduced such special people to each other and now they are embarking on a new chapter in life together! 

Rachel also sent me a little text that had me in literal tears - she wants me to be a bridesmaid!!! 
I am ecstatic and couldn't be more thrilled to be sharing this special time with her. 

November's Favorite Blog: 

I've honestly been SO slack in the blog world this month and have hardly had a chance to read and enjoy anybody's blogs.
There are quite a few blogs that I do go and visit fairly often though - blogs that leave me thinking long after I've clicked that little red cross on the top right hand corner of the computer screen. 

Dayna's Blog is one of those.

It's really just wonderful. So delicately written, so raw and real - touching beneath the surface on all matters from trying to have a baby, tattoo removals, self-mutilation but she's so inspiring and positive.
Her words are beautiful, her photography breath-taking and her blog is just simply delectable. 
I'll always return to her blog to see how she's doing - and it takes a special kind of a blog to get that right, doesn't it??? 
That's why she was November's favorite blog - even though I've been more absent than usual.  

Not many photo's were really taken last month but I can assure you that a good time was had as Summer swoops swiftly in.
I don't take as many photographs as I used to - mainly because I'm too busy just enjoying my time. 
This month I had lots of fun and met some wonderful people. In between being shat on by a bird, stung by a bee, being burnt by a coal and scorched by the unforgiving sun...... it was a beautiful month indeed!
I will try and take more photographs this month though. It's always nice to see them all together and smile back at the memories from the month. 

How was your November???

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  1. Omg,I just get me two of these head bands and absolutely love them.You look beautiful.

  2. You've got one epic November! I love that November Japanese lunch! I'm a huge fan.
    I'd also want those flower headbands. May you have a wonderful December ahead!

  3. That is literally the cutest tattoo idea ever, I love it! Making me want to get more tattoos now aha!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. Thank you for sharing your November favorites. The pics are really lovely. I also like the average-girl Barbie. At last! Have a wonderful week!

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman

  5. You look so beautiful in the second picture,love the indian head band. You actually introduced them and now they are engaged ,Wow , that is so heart warming , i wish them bliss and congratulations to both of them.

  6. so jealous of you , our summer is gone :(
    Love it when I see you so excited for indian food and culture
    would love to catch up when you visit, lets go to taj mahal together
    how is your yoga going
    keep in touch

  7. I was getting excited for a recipe lol! Perhaps an excuse to prepare it again, you know to photograph and stuff ;o) "Jam", man you two are the cutest and I almost flipped my laptop off my lap when I saw the ring, but I kept reading loool (lucky, that was a close call for my Macbook!)


  8. November just flew on right past. Had wondered about you because you've been quiet, but alas, you've just been busy.

    Take care my dear xo

  9. Id love to travel to India too, one day, your Indi suits ui and just love the flower headband, you look so sweet with it! Yummy for the sushi and congrats to your friends!:) Kisses Jade! xo

  10. absolutely love the flower head garland! and well done on you match making for your friends! :)

    please feel free to checkout my blog and YouTube channel :)

  11. "Jam" - so cute:) You look lovely with this flower head-band!
    I think it's great idea to create model of Barbie similar to typical woman!

  12. Oh my gosh Jade I thought that was your hand with the ring!!! LOL! Good thing I kept reading... Sounds like an epic and beautiful month for you!

    p.s. I like the revised barbie better, but I still think her face looks kind "plasticy", she needs short dark hair and a more realistic eye color.. my 2 cents ;)

  13. seems like you've head a lovely month:-) i love your flower headband and i think we might indeed be soul sisters with all the mushroom spotting we both have been doing, haha! xx

  14. You're lucky getting to go to India!

    I love that real sized barbie doll!

    Corinne x

  15. You are so beautiful Jade !!! Gorgeous and through your photos you can see such a brightness and positive energy. Love reading your post and catching up. I too have been a bit mia from blogging as of lately but I am trying to get back there !!

    Congrats to your friends on their engagement ! And I can't wait to read about your upcoming India trip ! How exciting ! :)

  16. Your barbies made me laugh... One fat and one slim.. Well, not fair to say fat as she is just normal as opposed to paranormally skinny. I love your photos at the top. You look stunning!

  17. Your flower head band is so pretty, and it really brings out your gorgeous eyes!! Sounds like you have had a busy month. I love the idea of the real Barbie. It's about time! The palm tree tattoo is pretty. How wonderful that you are to be a bridesmaid--these are exciting times.

  18. First, let me say you look so lovely--positively glowing, Jade! Second, I adore that real-woman Barbie!!! Yay!!! xx T.

  19. You're so so pretty, Jade!! And you know what I admire about you? That you're always so so pumped up and happy!!! That's amazing, babe!! And the flower crown is indeed super pretty!! No wonder you're literally wearing it everywhere!! <3 You look like a forest fairy in that!! ^_^

  20. The photo where Sam has knocked your headband down is a absolute classic. It looks like your November was sensational and I hope your December is even better.

  21. love all your favs! That barbie is amazing. Hope your Dec is just as wonderful! <3

  22. Such a great post Jade!! Things look bright on you visiting India I guess :) When are you coming?? xx
    June Wants It All

  23. i love the photos.


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