Monday, January 12, 2015

Bathroom Decor Ideas

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but in February I will be moving into a new house.

A new house means nesting. 

Nesting is essential when you move into a new place so that you can make it feel like 'home.' 

Bathrooms are so important to me. 
What is better than a decadent candle-lit bubble bath after work, reading a book and sipping on a glass of well-deserved Shiraz? 
If you want to do that, you need a beautiful room to escape to. 
You can't relax in a cluttered mess of a room. There's no way! 

So here are a few bathroom decor ideas I've stumbled across on Pinterest lately. 

1. Bath Shelf

This is one of the best inventions ever. 
There is no way I can have a bath without one of these guys. It is so convenient to place your wine glass onto instead of trying to balance it on the edge of the bath. 
You can also place candles on it or a small bowl of snacks like raspberries or nuts. 
It's also fantastic to put a book on. 

2. Glass Jars

I've just started using glass jars in my current bathroom to put all my nail polishes in. 
It's such a pretty storage idea and I love the idea of putting salts and bath bombs into them too. 
I got tons of bath bombs for Christmas so I'm going to love setting them up in jars like this!

I also love that you can put your makeup brushes, cotton balls and ear-buds into smaller jars. 
The way they are attached to the wooden backboard is stunning - so I'd love to try and make something similar. 

4. Lanterns

 A while ago I went to a vintage pop-up shop and went a bit mad buying tons of lanterns. 
There's something about them that I just adore. They make a space look so rustic and so I'm going to have to set up a few around my little bathroom soon. 

5. Candles

There are so many unique ways to set up candles in and around your home.
I love the idea of using glass jars (again) and filling them up with some sand and a candle. You could also fill the glass jars with pebbles or shells. 

6. Bath Decor: Statues, Sculptures and Shells

I love having a bath that has enough space on the edges to put pretty and intricate things. 
It adds so much more of an 'experience.' 

Placing a Buddha around the edge of a bath along with some pebbles, shells, candles and incense holders could make such a difference to your bathroom.

7. Toilet and Tissue Paper

Put some pride into the way you set up your space. 
I love the three rolls of toilet paper in the triangle arrangement. 
Something so small could make all the difference. 


So I know this last one is a bit too far fetched for my future bathroom - but seriously... this is gorgeous!!!

A wine barrel as your sink:

Once I've moved in, I'll decorate myself and will post photographs of the progress. 

I cannot wait!
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  1. Happy and blessing New Year!
    I wish you all the best!
    Joanna from
    I am following you via gfc! I hope you follow back!

  2. aah love all of these. I do the glass jars to hold cotton balls, etc and it's so handy! I love it. and it looks sleek and nice :)

  3. my bathroom surely needs some magic like in pic

    1. It's so easy and cheap (most of the things anyway!!)
      Just give it a bash and play around with ideas, it's such fun xxx

  4. Jade, I am a bath soaker extraordinaire! Couldn't agree with you more--bath decor with plenty of candles and a great tub are oh so important! Love these inspirational photos; they make me want to hop in the tub right now. :) Congrats on your new place! T.

    1. Good to know I'm not the only decor / bath crazy lady out there :)

  5. Oooh how exciting Jade. I'm not much a bath time girl though. I used to be but not anymore. I don't have my own place sadly, right now I'm house sitting but I've always imagined myself to get back into the bath game once I did have my own place. I'd definitely have candles in mine. Plus rose petals. I don't know about the shelf but I can see how essential it would be. I just see myself knocking it with my knee and having everything fall into water and causing catastrophe and bedlam. That's just me though. I'm clumsy like that.

    Hope you've been doing well Jade. I'll have to come back and check out what else you've been doing, just wanted to pop in and say hiiiiiiiiii!

    1. Not a bath girl!? Sonia! Gosh I don't actually think I could live somewhere without a bath. It is my ultimate relaxation after a busy day at work.

      Thanks for popping by!!! I missed you guys!! xxx

  6. There are some really pretty ideas here! It's so exciting to be moving to a new place and starting fresh. Have fun decorating! :)

    1. I know I love moving around - I get miserable staying in one place for too long x

  7. Oh wow all thes epictures look amazing! You will have such a beautiful spa and bathroom! Can't wait to see what you will do to your bathroom! :)

  8. Oh my gosh all those look so amazing. How exciting tho!! I have been looking for somewhere to for a long time but everywhere seems to be way out of my budget, tho real estate here is incredibly high.

    Btw, don't you just love Pinterest for those 'dream home' photos. hehe

  9. A lovely blog you have <3
    It would be a honor to me, if you liked to follow each other.

  10. These are the coolest bathroom ideas ever! We women love to spend so much time in the shower. It's like our sanctuary. These bathrooms were designed for such. :)

  11. Exciting times ahead for you Jade! I cannot wait to see the before and after photos! I love watching a good DIY unfold.

    Never been one for baths, but I do love that wine barrel!


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