Thursday, January 8, 2015

Currently I am...

Currently I am...

Sipping on a USN Protein shake in the art gallery I work in.

Thinking about... 

The divine looking chocolate cake in the kitchen............

Hoping that...

I get to eat some of said cake...


Wives V Girlfriends by Katie Agnew...
and the latest edition of Women's Health Magazine 

Thankful for... 

Every day.

Dreaming of... 

Surfing Bali and snorkeling in the Philippines in 7 months time.

Looking forward to...

Having the weekend off work - I need a break!

Missing my...

MacBook Pro. It's locked away in a cupboard until lunchtime - then I can finally haul it out and continue writing my second novel, 

'The Other Woman.'

Excited about... 

My travels to Malawi later this month!

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  1. Lovely things you got planned there Jade. I am dying to travel too but work and money just wont let me
    June Wants It All

  2. OOOH! You're going to Malawi? For how long and what for?

    BTW, since you're in the motherland anyways, have you been on any gorilla trips say in Rwanda or Uganda? I'd LOVE to do that one day, particularly Bwindi Forest. Have you ever seen this video:

    It literally takes my breath away. :) Enjoy!


  3. I can't wait to see the pictures from your trip to Malawi! I'm so excited for you!


  4. Sounds like you have a lot of good things going on. :-)

  5. Love this, Jade! Great minds think alike. Like you, I often sip smoothies while dreaming of cake (and, other assorted goodies). :) Hugs, T.

  6. good luck to you!!


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