Wednesday, January 28, 2015

No More Drinking

The world has shifted on its axis. Pigs have flown. 
Jade has stopped drinking. 

No, I'm not joking.

I've finally had enough of getting home after work every night and heading straight for our old hardwood, bar and shoving a corkscrew into a bottle of wine. 

I am nearly 24 years old and for the past few years of my life, I have been drinking wine almost every night. In actual fact, I think in the last 1460 days (rough figure... don't judge me) I have probably abstained from drinking a mere 3 nights in total. 

I've been kidding myself and thinking that it's OK. I'm a writer, it's what I'm supposed to do. I mean, you watch movies or read books about the surly, introvert writers that hide out in their darkened, dusty dens and tap away at their typewriters while swigging straight from a bottle. Well, after living in that pathetic stereotype for the majority of my life now my poor liver must be shot!

I'm probably being dramatic.... I only have two-three glasses of wine a night, I don't go absolutely mad. I couldn't afford to even if I wanted to!!! 
But I'm just over it. I'm over it all.
I've had enough of it. I want to traipse home after a hard day at work and curl up onto my couch while the kettle boils away. I want to kick off my black sky-high Aldo heels and ease my aching toes with a nice foot rub while I read a good book and sip at some tea.
That is how I imagine life to be.... not getting wrecked every night.

I want wine to be a special treat. It should be, shouldn't it? 

On Friday night, the latest season of my favorite show is finally airing here in South Africa. 

Season 19 of The Bachelor. 

So you can just guess what I'll be doing at 8.30pm in 3 days time (but hey, who's counting?).
I just love it. I've been waiting for months to have it start again and so I have decided that Friday is the time where I will indulge in a nice bottle of red me thinks. 

(Plus I just absolute adore Chris Soules.... heart palpitations..... right now! He's quite literally earth-shattering....)

Wine, vodka and ciders are expensive and although on Monday I became debt free (barring the cash I owe my father....sorry dad!) I have decided to save up for a Go Pro Hero 4 Silver Camera. 
It's for my upcoming travels to Bali and Philippines (5 months away!!!) Tell me, HOW can you go to such an incredible spot filled with surf and sea-life and not have a Go Pro with you to record your adventures!?
I've already put down a deposit on it so it is all mine when I can finally scrape the next couple of thousand together and hand it over to the cashier who laughs every time she sees me. 

I want to get it sooner rather than later so that I can learn how the thing works before jetting off. I don't want to spend my month across the globe fiddling around with it and trying to figure it out. So that means I need to cut a few certain things from my life - like wasting money on a bottle of wine a night... or going to beach bars and generously ordering copious amounts of shooters for everybody in the place! Buying Pringles and expensive cheeses from the Deli. It all needs to stop. 
I'm already a bit of an extreme cheapskate as it is (because I try and save every ounce of my salary possible to afford travel!) but over the next few months until I can go over and indulge in Indonesia, it's going to get even worse I'm afraid!

Above and beyond that.. as previously mentioned at the start of this glorious new year, 2015 is my time to get fit and healthy. Booze doesn't exactly fit in with that new notion now does it??

Just yesterday, I attended my first ever Crossfit class.
They do this fitness test on you and out of roughly 10 people, I came second!! Basically you have to do a 400m run, 40 air squats, 30 sit-ups, 20 push-ups and 10 pull-ups and there's this big daunting clock up on the wall that times you.
My time was 7 minutes and 10 seconds.
The person who beat me was at 6 minutes and 45 seconds - everyone else was up to 9 minutes and more!! So I really surprised myself!
I'm not really a competitive person but it did feel good to not be last, you know?

After two days of no drinking (tonight will be my third) and an evening of absolute pure TORTURE in the gym, I am feeling absolutely fabulous... although my muscles are aching in places where I didn't even know I had muscles!!!!

Waking up without that alcohol-induced thump in the back of my skull is so wonderful.
I can also concentrate so much more in the evenings on reading a good book or editing mine without getting lazy about it or forgetful... and in general I just feel better about myself.

Tomorrow, I am driving back to the gym after work and doing another round of Crossfit! Apparantly it will be totally different to Tuesday's class.... so that's exciting! I mean, it might be too early to be saying this, but I actually loved Crossfit! I'd been so scared of it for the longest time, thinking that it was for the extremists when really... it was tons of fun!

2015 - this is my year!

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  1. Awesome Jade... I too have made changes... I talk about wanting to travel, yet I do nothing to make it happen. Instead of saying I want this, I'm going to start saving... I want to make this happen, sooner than later.

    I wish my knees could handle doing a cross fit ... I would love the competition :-)

    Good luck with saving for the camera and getting it long before you leave on your trip ♡

  2. Good for you! Being more fit, feeling healthier, saving money towards a future goal, using your time more wisely and productively--those are all great reasons to quit drinking. Sounds like you have a great plan. I've never tried Crossfit, but I've heard much about it and am rather scared to try it too. Good luck!

  3. Good luck honey!
    I try to make some changes in business...see what will happen :D
    Xoxo Colli // TOBEYOUTIFUL

  4. that is a noble goal to quit drinking. Good luck with that. Keep in mind, that how fast you can do exercises is good, but it's really important to do things slow sometimes (except for run! Always run fast.) Cross fit is a wonderful cardio workout, but they forget about true strength and endurance sometimes. If you want to get really fit, don't forget about those fundamentals! :)

  5. I made that bottle of wine a night switch a year or two ago as well. At night I usually reach for decaf tea or cocoa (as it's winter here). I stopped drinking hardly at all last year, but when I did drink (even 1 or two) I started getting sick, I think from lack of practice? Now I have a drink a couple times a week, and a few on the weekends. It's a good balance. Cross fit interests me, but it's super expensive around here so I haven't tried it yet. I'm hooked on power yoga and rock climbing right now.

  6. This is so good! I wish I could do this - but see, wine is a staple for me.

  7. It's great that you have stopped drinking everyday, good for you that you were drinking red wine because it's healthy;) I also like drinking (red wine, vodka or dark beer) but I decided with my husband that we can drink alcohol only one day in week (it almost always Saturday) in small quantity. I feel good and my condition is better after this resolution;)

  8. Wow! I don't think I will ever stop drinking because I love it too much. However, yes, every single night for a couple of years is quite a bit. I started drinking frequently exactly two years ago and now I drink about 4 days a week. However, thanks to that I have zero money for holidays or travelling and I have just been partying in the city for over 2 years. I am dying to travel too so I think I really need to follow your path and stop spending on booze. At the same time, I want to get fit too as I'm going to be 28 in a few months and that's a scary thought. After all for how long is my body going to look like this if I keep drinking so copiously and not work out. At the same time, I eat a lot too... You are such a stunner! looking so chic

    Keep in touch




  9. Well done, Jade :D I love this idea, I did it as well some time ago and trust me it will improve your life in so many ways that you wont even believe.
    How did quitting drinking improved my life? Firstly no more little hangovers in the morning. Secondly looots of money I could save. Thirdly (the best one) it improved my mood in general- I became more positive and more happy with my life. I really noticed this alcohol-mood dependance, when one day, after couple of sober weeks, I had a crazy night with my gals and drunk quite a lot. Next day I didn't have a real hangover, no headache or anything, but I had been so miserable... hahahah, next day I could not believe how depressed I was :D After this experience I rarely drink anything ;)
    I hope that quitting drinking will benefit your life as well! :D
    BTW I don't know where you will stay in Indonesia, but alcohol is not very popular in there... And I strongly advise you not to drink alcohol with natives... I had once a situation that they wanted to host me with gasoline! I am Polish and they knew that Polish people like to drink an alcohol, so to be polite they offered me alcohol they had in the village, unfortunately for me it was wine made from rice and mixed with gasoline... hmmm... I appreciated their effort and tried to be polite, but it was a bit creepy :/


  10. Yay! I've given up drinking as much as I was drinking about a bottle of wine a night, sometimes I'd have days where I didn't drink, but it was probably like once a month, haha. In the past few months I've only drank about 4 times and it's all been at events, not sat in my room drinking. It was hard the first few days but I use my time for better things now. I exercise instead. I used to exercise before, but there would be times when I woke up hungover and not able to do my planned runs - so now I exercise daily!

    Good luck :)

    Corinne x

  11. Girl...this season of the Bachelor is fantastic! I won't spoil anything for you, but you'll definitely enjoy it. :)

  12. Well done on going debt free, and how exciting that you're going travelling to Bali! That is literally my dream destination it looks BEAUTIFUL. When I was in first year I drank so much, like literally got smashed and went out three or four times a week! Ended up putting on so much weight and just feeling generally rubbish, now I drink probably around 6 times a year, basically just for birthdays! I don't miss it at all, so I'm sure you'll find going wine free actually quite good when you get into the swing of things!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  13. Oh wow you have some awesome places to travel to all set up ! How exciting. :)

    I am so proud of you that you stopped drinking!! :D

  14. Debt free! Pow! Go you! That must be the most liberating feeling, man I wish I knew what that felt like. I would suggest getting that camera before you leave and familiarising yourself with it. I've heard a few things about it, not that it's complicated per se but that it's very different to streamline cameras, like where the buttons are and needing to adjust stuff and stuff. It couldn't hurt you know, if you're in that position that is. Means more time for pretty beaches and less time fiddling with settings lol!


  15. Wow Jade...WOW!!! Kudos girl for taking such a bold step to stop drinking!!! I am so happy for you!! It's gonna be hard, but you gotta beat that addiction! :) And omg, I loveeee reading your post (the melodramatic bit keeps me hooked!)! And I can't wait for your travel pics when you come back from Bali and Philippines. Those are amazing places!! :)

  16. That`s awesome, on both accounts, the quitting of the drinking and getting to crossfit. It`s a hell of a workout and you feel so great afterwards.

    You won`t regret getting a GoPro. We got one in September just before we went to Barbados, mainly for diving and it was spectacular and the best investment. You won`t regret it :)

    NEW BLOG IS UP AND RUNNING. If you have any feedback or suggestions Jade, let me know. I`m ironing out quirks and figuring out Wordpress has been frustrating.


  17. Good for you Jade! I used to drink more often when I was in my early twenties, a couple times a week and then all weekend. I now have a glass or two a week of wine and it taste better that way to me. I enjoy every sip more because I've work hard that week and didn't overindulge. I think they call it delayed gratification :).


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