Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Travel Must-Haves

Travel is life. 
I think by now most of you know this as my life motto. 

I was recently inspired by a company called RelayRides to do a post based on travel must-haves. They are such a convenient company that offers car rentals straight from the airport. What better way to start your road-trip than with a reliable, clean and ready-to-go car waiting for you just outside of arrivals?!

If you're interested in booking a car rental through them then follow the link below:
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Not only that, but you can actually make money by submitting your car into their rental agency! Insurance? You get a RelayRides insurance card which you put in your glove-box which takes care of that. 

So anyway, after being so impressed with their company, I had to do a bit of a travel must-have's post for my blog.
Every traveler's list will be unique. 
We all have different things that are important to us - so today I am sharing mine with you!

I hope you enjoy it! 

1. A backpack.

There's no better feeling than packing that backpack filled with only the bare necessities and slinging it across your shoulders before you lock up your house and head off on your travels. 

2. Bare-feet on the dashboard!

How nice is it to kick off your shoes and lean back in the car-seat, knowing you're on a new adventure?

3. Red Bull.

For the early morning / late night drives.
I know it isn't the healthiest of things - but it beats pulling over at a random petrol station you drive past in the middle of no where to take a cat nap for an hour! 

4. A Go-Pro Camera.

The possibilities are endless with a Go Pro. 
Your photo's will be EPIC and you will capture SO much more of your trip. 

5. A guitar (or any other sort of musical instrument).

If you're lucky, someone you're traveling with will be able to play... and there's your nights entertainment if you're out in the middle of no where, camping next to a bonfire. 

6. A bottle-opener!! 

I'm not joking.

A while ago I was on this Safari with my mother for a few days out in the middle of no where and of course we packed an endless supply of beers (and wine) but forgot the opener!!! So there I was trying to force the bottles open with seat-belt buckles for half the game-drive. We did get them open in the end though. Hurrah!

7. Disprin.

(Extra Strength!) 
For those God awful hangovers that WILL happen while letting your hair down. 

8. A good book.

Whether it be in an airport, a train station or bus stop.. there will always be time to kill while you're exploring and traveling. A good book is essential to keep you company for those waits to catch your flight or long car journey to your next destination!

9. My surfboard.

I would get serious F.O.M.O if I was traveling around and suddenly stumbled across a beach with some delicious looking waves... so a surfboard is definitely a must-have to be strapped to the roof-racks of my car!

10. An Umbrella.

Rain or sun - an umbrella is a fantastic thing to have around.
It can keep you dry when it's wet and miserable and it can keep you shaded and cool if it's scorching hot. 

Just this past weekend I was up in Cape Town, South Africa and I spent a day at Ratanga Junction which is a seriously fun theme park up there. As fun as it is though, the queues can be seriously ridiculous. 

I waited to go on this ride called Monkey Falls

The wait was literally about an hour and a half (it was worth it in the end!) but there was barely any shade to hide under while queuing up in the blistering sun. 

11. Toilet Paper

Guys really do have it easy. 
If you're in need of a pee, you can just pull over and whip it out pretty much anywhere!! 

Us girls need to find a bush and squat.... which is not the most attractive or lady-like thing in the world. 
Drip drying really grosses me out....
So a roll of toilet paper is definitely a must on my list!! 

12. A Whistle-Kettle

I love whistle kettles. 
I've got a bit of a love affair with them actually... magical little minx's! 

On a serious note, they are so convenient when you're traveling though... especially if it's camping and you have no electricity around.

I for one cannot go without coffee in the mornings - so a whistle kettle is exactly what you need to get you up and going for the day!

13. A Fishing Rod

We've all got to eat! 

Anything could happen while you're traveling - you could get stuck with a flat tire or lost out in the middle of no where (but that's just half the fun of traveling isn't it!?) but with that in mind, it is always a good idea to pack a fishing rod with you... just in case. 

14. Passport

Juuuuuust in case you decide to hop across somewhere else on a whim.
I could never be without this trusty guy. 

15. Pillows

Sleeping on dusty, hard concrete floors or lifeless rickety backpackers beds is all part of the traveling lifestyle... but you know, we all have those little luxuries we just can't live without. 
One of those, for me, has got to be that big feather stuffed cushion to rest my head on at the end of an eventful day... a pillow enveloped with that familiar homely smell that just makes you smile as you drift off until the next adventure.
It's always good to keep home close to you - even when you're off gallivanting around the globe.

Safe travels everybody - and sweet, cozy, cushy dreams!

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  1. Omg, Jade I love your list and you have got me in such a travel mood now !!! And your passport case is super cute. :)

    I really agree with the Toiler paper !!! Drip drying is so icky !


  2. Some great tips there.
    We got a GoPro just before we went to Barbados and it was hands down the best investment ever. Especially if you love snorkeling and diving. And given that you and your man like surfing, you can get board mounts, too!

    Glad you've been travelling a bit lately, even if it is *just* Cape Town. Lucky gal!

    Hope you're well my friend xoxox

  3. I love traveling so I understand your motto:)
    Some items of your list are also necessary for me during traveling, especially backpack, camera, bottle-opener and of course toilet paper;) Bare feet on the dashboard - it's really fantastic relief while long drive.

  4. Jaaaaaaaade... I'm sorry I have just had time to visit you and I didn't visit the article you asked me to visit until today!! :(

    Anyway, isn't this the aaaawesome traveling tips ever?!!! Hahahahahah
    I laughed when you mentioned about the bottle-opener! it could seriously be a party pooper if we forget something so small yet essential like that!!
    And also I would love to have those Bob Cat books with me around!!! medicines, umbrella, etc etc... I just can't agree more!! You're just a pro when it comes to travelling!!! hahahahah XD

    Sherry from ♕ SheemaSherry ♕ blog (

  5. wow your life looks wondrous and amazing!
    HAHA I think toilet paper would be right up at the top of my list! I never thought of an umbrella as useful enough to carry around. Yes to a go-pro! They're amazing

    Hope xx

  6. Super cool post Jade! These are all sooo essential!! Since I smoke, a lighter is also essential in my list. BTW I open bottles with my teeth!! heheheh

    Can you please do me a favor! Can you like my pic on sephora_India on instagram? It's for a contest and today is the last day. The link is

    Thank you!
    Keep in touch

  7. I so want to pack my bags and leave for a adventure after reading this post, haha! My travel list must include so many packs of Lays and a camera that can take 10000 photos. Seriously, can't go on without that x

  8. Haha, it's terrible when you forget a bottle opener or a cork screw for wine.

    I really want a gopro!

    Corinne x

  9. Love the list.
    Red Bull ����
    I used to be such an energy drink addict!
    Barefeet on the dashboard is my favourite part of a roadtrip! Love it :)

  10. I'm going travelling in a few years, I actually think I'll get a go pro camera for it :) I always take a massive supply of hangover stuff for when I go on holidays though, as I'd rather not waste my days hungover!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  11. Amazing traveling list! Dear, I want to travel somewhere just while reading it. I hate sun, so umbrella is really good idea :) I never did camping but it looks so fun, i must try it!

  12. Looks like you have everything covered with your list. Makes me want to pack up and go somewhere!

  13. Really loved this post, makes you think about all of the crazy adventure you could find yourself in!


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