Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Glamorous (Double) Life of Isabel Bookbinder by Holly McQueen | Book Review

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This could quite possibly be (OK, most certainly is...) THE most annoying fictional character that I have ever 'met.'
The story-line is actually pretty great! But Isabel Bookbinder infuriated me throughout all 400+ pages. There is absolutely no one in the world that unfortunate - and absolutely no one that has that little sense of the world.
And the procrastination!!!! Urgh!!!! As a novelist myself - I get some of what the author is trying to portray - but what angers me is that it's like Isabel doesn't really even want to write a book... she's too caught up in her own lala land to do so!

I got this book because I've been missing London (a lot) recently and the closest I could come to it was to live vicariously through a book. It mentions places like The Wolsley (which is a place I have been lucky enough to dine at before,) and it was so good to read bits about London.... but for the most part this book was a bit of a let down. I hate saying that because I can only imagine just how shit it must make the author feel. I know one day I'll publish my work and I'm petrified for the negative reviews! They will be there.
Your work will never be everyones cup of tea....

On that note, just know that this book does have a glamour and sparkle to it and delightful splashes of humour that DID have me laughing out-loud more than once..... the downfall, first and foremost, was the key character. She literally made me want to chuck the book against a wall at LEAST 27,000 times. No exaggeration.

I've never really done a book review where I don't explain the book before - but I just had to let that rant out before I did so.

SO! Basically, this book is ALL about Isabel Bookbinder... a dreamy no body who lies to her family about what she does for a living. She just wants to make them proud of her and wants to be better than her lifelong enemy, Gina, who always seems to be one step ahead of her.
An accidental slip leads all of her lies she has built up to tumble out on the front pages of newspapers no less. Distressed and confused, Isabel finds her way into even further lies by telling everyone INCLUDING top literary agents (who are drool worthy, sex Gods) that she has a complete manuscript.
She gets taken in by a best-selling author. Gets offered a live-in position in her gorgeous home in Kensington where she can just write all the time - an absolute bloody dream job so it seems!! Problem is - Isabel actually NEVER gets around to the actual writing part and that doesn't really go all too well for her in the end... or maybe it does in its own way... because she isn't the only one that's secretly mucking everyone around!
I'll avoid spoilers because the twists and turns in this book are excellent - but just know that you're in for a bumpy ride here!!!

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  1. nice post :)

  2. great article, might read the book too :)

  3. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Interesting commentary.

    You have warned the readers what the book is like and it is up to readers to buy this book or not. All novels don't get top class commentary but some how these books are bought and read although they don't make record sales. I feel sorry for the author after reading one of your own earlier post about how much trouble an author has to go through to get a book published.

    I hope the next novel by this author will be better.

    Best wishes

  4. I am pretty sure I won't read the book... mainly because I don't want to feel like chucking a book 27,000 times... I know it's okay to be frustrated with a character but it's too much when it is endless issues... great review Jade xox

  5. She's living quite an adventure I wonder why she just won't let it happen for real. Thanks for sharing your review. :)

  6. Yikes, I'm probably going to stay away from this book seeing that rating o.O Thank you for the honest review though, hopefully your next book will amaze you! <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections


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