Thursday, April 30, 2015

I'm Engaged!

Dear Blogging Friends, 

It gives me so much joy and excitement to share this news with you. I am engaged! 
Sam popped the question on Saturday the 25th April 2015... producing that little black box with a gorgeous ring nestled into the cushioning inside. 

It was the biggest shock and I didn't see it coming at all - but now that I've had a chance to get used to the idea... I am thrilled. 

Since last week Saturday when my entire life changed forever - I have been having the most incredible dreams about weddings. 
I've started planning away like a crazed bride-to-be should!

If anyone has any recommendations or quirky ideas PLEASE feel free to share them. 
Obviously I'd like to keep a lot of the wedding as a surprise but I can tell you that the date has been set and we have decided on a forest wedding. Very bohemian (of course!). 

We've had an engagement photo-shoot and are in the midst of planning our engagement party... all the while I'm sitting with pages upon pages of AWESOME wedding ideas, venues, decor, DRESSES..... 

It's so exciting I could quite literally pop.

I truly never thought that this day would happen for me. 
I've always wanted it... the white dress, the big day, the Happily Ever After.... but I've always been scared of it too. I was so badly hurt in the past that I didn't trust love and commitment. Not for a second. I always ran away and mucked things up for myself because I really didn't know what I wanted or if I could be the woman someone needed me to be.... but, I know now that I can be all of that and all I can say is this:

2015 is definitely my year. We're not even half way through yet and already so much has happened:
  • A literary agent likes my book entitled, The Other Woman. The full manuscript is now being considered by publishers and I hear back soon!!!
  • I got engaged!
  • I finally get my journalism certificate next month.
  • The trip to Hong Kong, an island on the Philippines and nearly a month in Bali is fast approaching!
  • I won a years worth of Essie Gel Manicures at a 5 star spa!

I'm just really, really happy right now. It's been such a whirlwind and so unexpected - but I am truly happy. 

Finally, the girl that always ran away from love and happiness is finally embracing it. 

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  1. Jade, this made me cry with happiness for you... you more than deserve love and everything that goes with it. 2015 really is your year and beyond ♡

    I'm sure the wedding will be quirky and perfect for you... I like unique... I'm not into the same boring weddings... I like different xox

    Congratulations to you and Sam xox ♡♡♡

  2. Oh Jade!!! This is amazing! CONGRADULATIONS!!! I wish you and your bearded fellow, all the happiness! You really deserve it!
    (I realise that I'm using exclamation marks at the end of each sentence, but it's because I'M JUST SO HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!)


  3. So beautiful! I am engaged too, this is amazing! I hope you 2 will love and be loved till the end of time!

    Kisses from Lore,

  4. AAAAAAA, so super cool!!! :D Congrats, Jade!!!! :D

  5. Again, congratulations girl!! So happy and excited for you. Weddings are so much fun!
    Don't you just love this feeling? You feel like you're on cloud nine and it's just all a huge dream. Nope this is YOUR life doll, savor every moment of this bliss. :)


  6. Oh Jade, I am so happy for you! What a year indeed and what wonderful news for you! xxx

  7. Congratulations hun! That is so sweet!! Love the pictures and this is going to be exciting for you!


  8. You have your Happily Ever After Jade! I'm so thrilled for you and you deserve every bit of happiness and joy that comes to you my friend. Sending you warm hugs and a big cheers from across the ocean!


  9. Congratulations, Jade! My gosh I'm so happy for you! :3
    I remember reading your post a while back (loyal Christie is loyal and always reads your shit), explaining how you'd been hurt in the past; I'm so glad you've finally found what you deserve.

    I'm actually too excited, and am sending you both my best wishes for the future.
    Happy wedding planning!

    Much love, Christie. xx
    Christie's Take on Life.

  10. OMG I am so happy for you, 2015 is so your year X

  11. What an exciting time for you! I can't wait to read more as the whole planning process happens. You will make a beautiful bride. It is funny how sometimes things that we never saw for our life, turn out to be the best things that could have happened. Wishing you low stress planning and a very happy marriage!

  12. aaahh Jade I am SO Happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you deserve all this happiness. You guys are so beautiful together! xoxoxox *hugs*

  13. Oh wow!!!!! Congratulations!!!! So happy and excited for you!! <3

  14. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    I am so happy to hear the good news. Congratulations. I can feel the thrill and excitement in your writing.

    Surely, this year has been a truly fantastic with so many crowning achievements.

    My best wishes to both of you.

  15. Holy cow what exciting news Miss Jade! I totally didn't see that coming!! But in a good way of course..!! Were you totally surprised??!
    Was someone there snapping the pics or are those the engagement photos?! Love it. Happy for ya lady.

  16. What a wonderful year you've had, Jade! Super-big hugs and congrats to you both (what an adorable couple you are!)!!! So happy for you, Doll! xx T.

  17. OMG Jade! CONGRATULATIONS! I am so, so happy for you. And am thrilled 2015 is turning out to be so wonderfully brilliant for you. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving and loveable gal. So much love for you both right now!


  18. aaa thats is sooo amazing!! congratulation girl!! :D so make 2015 of your happy year :D so now, year after year should be better and better! i wish always the best :)

  19. Congratulations!! That is so exciting!

  20. Wow!!! Congratulations lovely Jade. I can already see you in a gorgeous bohemian inspired wedding dress with beautiful mini roses in your hairdo :)
    <3 <3 <3
    Mahshid مهشید

  21. Girl, I can only be happy for you. This is your year indeed. We've just started and you've received so much! I wonder how the year end would be like for you. :)

    You are so blooming now. Congrats and I wish you only the best.

    I'd be staying tune for your wedding ideas which I hope to apply on my own someday. Bohemian sounds exciting! And hope you enjoy your trip here. :)

  22. Such wonderful news! I'm happy for you. Congratulations and best wishes to you and your fiance! :)


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