Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May Monthly Favorites

My Birthday!

The merry month of May is my birth month and this year was just wonderful. I was absolutely spoiled by friends and family and a new fiance! 

Our Engagement Party:

Celebrating our love with all of our friends and family was just wonderful. 

Early Morning Surfs and Sunrises Before Work:

Yip... even in the middle of an icy cold winter where my phone's weather forecast predicts snowfall (weird), we still surf. 
Fun fun fun.

For all the crap that South Africa has, one thing that you won't get anywhere else that is so gorgeous is a South African sunrise.
Honestly, how breathtaking is that!?

So blessed to call this place home.

My Favorite Purchase in May:

Hands down my onesie... I have wanted one for SO long and now I practically live in the thing. 

The Start of Wedding Planning

After getting engaged at the end of April, Sam and I set to work on our guest list. We actually managed to get loads done!
We booked our venue, secured a photographer, I've got a make-up artist and.. drum roll.... a dress! 
So things are going really well in the Crazy-Bride-To-Be department (but I'll do a special post going more in depth about that at some point). 

Enjoying Fairview Wine Estate (for like.. the millionth time)

 Fairview Cheese and Wine farm on the way back from Cape Town is one of my favorite places in the world. 
Much wine and cheese were bought... naturally :)

Work Fun with Colleages

Drinking wine with the girls at work is always an added bonus to my working day. We have this gorgeous French exchange student, Lea, as part of our team for a bit and she's such a ball of fun.

Fun Friend Moments

 Rene joined me for my shopping trip to Cape Town and tagged along to the wedding dress appointments. She is honestly one of the best friends (and bridesmaids) that you could ever ask for. 

Mothers Day

In South Africa we celebrate Mothers Day in May and this year I was in charge of the planning... and if I'm in charge of planning you know it's going to entail copious amounts of wine, some oysters lambasted in lemon and Tabasco and a ginormous sushi platter.

We did just that. 

Overall, May was a wonderful month - but I have a feeling this month is going to be even better....
Why is that?
Well.. because I am off to Southeast Asia!!!
Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia! 

Here I come :)

This means I may be quite absent from blogging until my travels are over but I'll be sure to take loads of photo's to share with you all and of course there will be so many fun travel stories to write about soon too! 

Just carry on leaving your comments below and I promise to get to each and every one of them as soon as possible.

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  1. Wow Jade awesome pictures...and this post was so exciting to read...specially about surfing and the African sunrise; truly gorgeous!!....Congratulations on getting engaged. Waiting to read more from you...Have a fun-filled trip, dear!

    1. Your blog is so inspirational and wonderful - I'm so glad you swung by so that I could meet you! :) xxx

  2. Jade I was happy to see you posted... I was just thinking about you yesterday... I hope you have SO much fun on vacation... relax, take tons of pictures and enjoy the food. I look forward to when you get back xox ♡♡♡

  3. It looks like you had such a wonderful month! Congratulations again on the engagement! :D

    1. Thank you Sarah! It was a good month indeed :)

  4. wow, u got almost everything done for the wedding , huuh
    i loved your jammies
    when is ur bday !

    1. My birthday is the 15th May! :)
      Love my jammies too :) xxxxxxxx

  5. A great month, love. Your sunrises and sunsets are stunning

  6. You do look so pretty in all these photos!!!Happy, happy birthday!!! Soglad you are getting there with the wedding milarkey, that's great- nice use of music notation paper too!!!
    Oh that sunrise is beautiful. We'd love to come to SA, my husband's old housemate moved back there to Cape Town and she keeps pestering us to visit!x

    1. Why thank you Kezzie!
      Cape Town is lovely but where I am in a tiny coastal town is even better, no traffic.. no massive structures and shopping malls. It's nature at its finest! If you ever do come this way make sure to pass by and we can grab a cocktail :D

  7. I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful photos! Sounds like you've had a busy and productive month. Hope you have a great time on your trip! :-)

  8. happy b'day~!

  9. Orchids, cheesecake, sunsets and an engagement party... What a fab month you've had, Jade. Such lovely photos! T.

    1. It was wonderful :)
      Very blessed indeed. Hope June has been just as great to you xxx

  10. ooh have a BLAST!!! and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the pics! and so happy you had such a wonderful May, you deserve it! <3

  11. That sunrise is unbelievably beautiful! I hope you have an awesome trip and can't wait to read all about it when you get back!

  12. great pictures and a happy belated birthday. looks like you had quite a month!

  13. What a great pictures sweetie, I hope you had a wonderful time!

    Check out my blog, I have something amazing for you! ;)

    Diana Bryant – Blog - Web

  14. Great photos!

  15. Happy birthday and congrats again on the engagement. :)


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