Saturday, October 10, 2015

Break-Up Mix Tape

Whenever I am going through a tough time, I find my outlet in music. 
Everything about it helps. 
The melody, whether it be happy, sad or angry. The lyrics, the way you can relate to them and how perfectly they describe exactly what you're feeling when you can't put it into words yourself. 

Music through a breakup is a very important thing and over the last while I've been bopping my head along to a couple of tunes that have really perked up my mood. 

Yes, at first I listened to some pretty dismal, emo tracks and felt completely and utterly sorry for myself - but I've since chucked my bloody James Blunt CD with songs such as 'Goodbye My Lover,' into the boot of my car. If you're still in that stage of your emotions with your breakup where you just want to drown in a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and cry yourself to sleep then this mix I've compiled is not for you. 

This mix is for those of us who have realized that he isn't coming back. That it's over and that you're taking your life back and being strong, moving on and forward! That the people that leave your life by choice are LESS than the kind of people you need in your life. These songs are for when you're ready for a fun time and to smile again.

(It's also a bit of a bitter stab at the guy that crushed you when you realize just how he's twisted things to make you somehow seem like the bad person when you'd put your entire heart and soul into loving him)

Healing YO!  

Lily Allen - Fuck You

Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever getting Back Together 

Hailee Steinfeld - Love Myself

Pink - Try

Rachel Platten - Fight Song

Kelly Clarkson - Since You Been Gone 

Katy Petty - Part of Me

Avril Lavigne - He Wasn't

If someone made me this CD I would actually love you forever!
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  1. Amazing pictures!!!! I love this post!!!!
    I'm a new follower!!! please, follow my blog :) this is my link

  2. Lovely post, have a beautiful weekend! kisses

  3. Jade, I'm in awe of how you have grown... music is apart of my soul too.... I've used it to purge pain and gain strength... sometimes that is all I'm capable of... The mixed tape sounds like some great and powerful songs xox ♡

  4. Hey dear, thank you for your comment :)
    Hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day!

  5. Great selection of songs! I'm glad you are in the healing and moving on and growing stronger phase. Here's to you and to moving forward. xoxo

  6. I love your attitude, and how you are focusing on just being YOU.

  7. Music is part of my life too!!!
    Love almost every song you selected, I'm very glad you growing strong! :)

  8. The songs are on point, but I especially like the Taylor Swift one ;) x


  9. Oh man, music is everything during a breakup. Here's to moving forward and finding that smile again! :)


  10. Oh geez that James Blunt album got me through a bad breakup many moons ago. I don't like listening to any of those songs because it takes me back. Not to sadness but to anger. PURE ANGER. Music is a wonderful thing isn't it. It's always so relatable, the good, bad and ugly times of life.


  11. It really is amazing how much of an impact songs can make at different points in our lives. I am glad you found some good ones to help you with the harder days!

  12. Aw Jade. This kind of stuff is just the shits. Keep your chin up and remember that it's okay to feel sad too.. You were engaged, you were planning your dream wedding.. It's allowed. But at the same time, it's awesome to snap out of the sad and start listening to some fuck ya kind of music too. You'll get through this.. My gran told me when I was broken up with years and years ago -- "Whatever Will Be.. Will Be." I couldn't agree more and love that advice. Just get back to it and whatever happens is meant to.. You're just along for the ride.


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