Thursday, October 22, 2015

Every Day Makeup

Aloha my good friends.

I'm really starting to get into my youtube videos lately. 
I'm finding youtube to be an absolutely amazing way of learning new hairstyles, recipes, yoga poses, songs of guitar etc etc etc. 
The possibilities are endless.

I'm still a complete newbie with making videos but I gave my usual every day makeup look tutorial a bash. 
Here you can check out the products and brands I use, laugh at my clumsiness and occasional curse word and completely non-intentional Arab remark. 


I'd love your thoughts.

Also, because I'm new at this - I'd really love your ideas of other videos I could do to entertain you guys further. It's something I really want to get into properly.
I have no hopes or dreams of becoming the next international youtube superstar (I think it's pretty obvious from my videos that aint gonna happen.....) but it's really fun and I enjoy it. 

I look forward to hearing from ya'll soon.
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  1. Ooh, you could do a vlog on some trad South African things like food!!!! x

  2. Jade you look so pretty... no matter how hard I try I have not been able to apply eye make up correctly and that I walk ao much, I 'm lucky to get lipstick on... I do love make up, for 20 years I never left the house without make up... then I had Valentina... and I stopped making time. I need to change that up again♡ ... I love your tutorial and your accent is so cute xox ♡

  3. I think a vlog on food is a great idea too!

    I enjoy your vids, I especially love your accent! :-)


  4. Nice video Jade! I am so super basic when it comes to make up - some blush, some mascara, a little something on my eyebrows and done.
    Thanks a lot for your last comment and have a great weekend: )

  5. I just love your voice and accent, so your could talk about crap and I'd probably still watch your videos.

  6. Your make up is stunning! Lovely video, have a great weekend! xx

  7. I had no idea you were a qualified make-up artist! What! I loved watching this, your accent is slightly on the English side which I love hehehe! I'd also love to see more videos. Maybe make-up tutorials, like smokey eye or hairstyles (if you do that). Cooking videos! Book reviews maybe even surfing ones too. Shit the possibilities are endless Jade!


  8. Cool idea! For the begining follow your gut ;) Watch lots of others, learn and enjoy! I would be happy to see more of it- it is cool to see you 'live' :D

  9. You did a nice job on the video. It was fun to get to hear your voice. :-) It's amazing how much can be learned on Youtube.

  10. Lovely video. Followed you on blogger but can't seem to do the same for instagram and bloglovin. Says broken or does not exist. Do check.

  11. Very nice video! Love your make up! :D

  12. Great video, your skin looks amazing! Thanks for the follow!! Following you on GFC :)


  13. You have a lovely skin and the Make-Up is amazing, thank you for the video :)




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