Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November Reading Wrap Up!

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  1. Jade, I wish I had read 5 books this year... let alone 5 books in a month.. I really need to step it up, I think I should make that one of my goals for 2016... I used to be an avid reader for years and got away from it about 10 years ago. I really miss it but seldom make time for it, I think I should give up TV again and take reading, it would be more interesting and relaxing xox

  2. Girl, you're making my reading list look bad. Haha. Come to think of it, I've started 3 books last November and haven't finished any. Oh my.

  3. Thanks for all the reviews! I've added a couple more to my list now,This is going to be a busy month ahead for me because of the holidays, so I'll have to squeeze reading in wherever I can. :)

  4. Great review Jade! Loved hearing you:)
    Your library looks great! Very inspirational video. I am yet to create such space (with my favorite books); but will soon do it. Also practicing to be an avid reader.
    Thank you for the motivation:)



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