Traveler. Novelist. Freelance Writer. Blogger. Surfer. Artist. Crazy Cat Lady.

Traveler. Novelist. Freelance Writer. Blogger. Surfer. Artist. Crazy Cat Lady.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions... is it way too early to make those?? I can't believe 2017 is around the corner.
This year.... well, what can I say. It wasn't easy. Far from it. I went through some major lifestyle changes. Here's a list of things I'd like to focus on to make 2017 an easier, smoother year for myself.

  • Find a Palma based yacht to work on (easier said than done... God, I hope something comes up. I am still unemployed, snatching up any day work I can. With no money coming in I am honestly freaking the fuck out).
  • Sell wedding Dress
  • Forgive Sam.
  • Learn to trust again.
  • Edit my 2nd novel, The Other Woman. Send it to literary agents. Get published???
  • Work on my 2 other book ideas, The Eulogy and Take Me Anywhere.
  • Do NanoWriMo 2017
  • Finally attend a yoga class...... regularly
  • Meditate often
  • Visit Ireland and India
  • Reach 1500 youtube subscribers. If you want to help.. please go and subscribe to my channel right now:
  • Cook more.
  • Surf more.
  • Read 50 books.
  • Write a journal every day... I've never been able to do this one!
  • Start blogging PROPERLY again... will that ever actually happen???
  • Make friends.
  • Remember that I'm not perfect. No one is perfect. Nothing is perfect. Just accept.... and smile.

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  1. Good luck with all those!! I'm sure you will get a yacht job soon!x

  2. It's never too early to start making goals! I hope wonderful things are in store for you next year :)

  3. I love that you're doing resolutions now. I suppose it's never actually too early to make them. I like that there's some quite relaxed things and serious things you want to "achieve".xx

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  4. I like your last point - I need to practice and observe that more and just generally be more kind to myself.

    Hugs girly! xox

  5. Never too early !
    I have been wanting to also get back into meditation and yoga more regularly too !

  6. These look like great goals. But when are you visiting the US??

  7. My dearest Jade... I just read through your list... so many of these I would like to be able to do myself... learn to trust myself again, I often wonder if that is possible. I am sorry I haven't been around, I was so engrossed in the awful election in the US and dealing with a depression that this time of year seems to bring to me... I know you are going through a great deal lately, I believe you can get through ... I am loving your dark hair, you look amazing. I do however, think you look amazing no matter what. I hope 2017 is a better year for both of us... and I hope you get to do that traveling... xox

  8. Aw, girl. I'm with you. May I just remind you that you are a beautiful creature inside and out. You are amazing. Go conquer the world!

  9. Great goals :) Never too early to set goals! x Benish @ Beenazai

  10. Happy 2017! I look forward to read more from you, Jade. Don't forget how special and gorgeous you are, my friend.


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