Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day #4: 30 Day Writing Challenge

Write about someone who inspires you:

Took myself on a 5k walk yesterday while listening to The Great Gatsby.
"Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not things to show."

I really don't mean to sound pretentious here, but I hardly ever think about people who inspire me.  
It must be a bad thing to not have someone that you look up to in life. The people close to me and around me haven't exactly been role models through the years... whatever I have wanted, I have gone after for myself. The majority of people are usually telling me I can't do something and I decide then and there to prove them wrong. I don't feed off of anyone else, some grand person to build myself off of. I've quite literally always kicked myself from the nest and built my own wings on the way down. I guess in that sense I could say thank you to all of those people who have told me I 'can't do it,' here. I could thank them for giving me the drive to show them I can.

I got laughed at when I told my family I wanted to study law; then changed tack and decided I wanted to be a surgeon. Both fields fascinated me greatly... yet it seemed all I was to them was a pretty face. They told me modelling would be a better fit... but it seemed I couldn't do that either because I was too short. When I decided I wanted to open up my own Writers Cafe and Bookshop, a quirky dainty store that smells of roasted coffee beans with steaming mugs of unique blends delivered artfully to your table on a tree trunk tray while the soft sound of jazz oozed peacefully from the record player positioned in the corner on the old hardwood floors - I was told it would never happen. I'd never have the money to do it. "Stop dreaming, Jade." I was told... but I am a dreamer. A dreamer that managed to hammer three novels out of my heart and onto pages upon pages that will one day be bound into a book and published. Books that will one day be snuggled up between other books in their genre in bookstores... and in my own bookstore too. The independent one I will one day open. 
I will never be a settled soul. I am restless, I have ambitions and dreams that no one thinks will ever happen. I know people laugh at me and my ways - but that makes me pity them. Their passion and drive has faded into nothingness. 

So I guess what I have to say is that I inspire myself, whether you find that pretentious or not I actually couldn't care less - I inspire myself for being a dreamer. For making things happen... even if the process is slow. 

I know what I want and I'm going for it, one step at a time.

I also deeply admire two souls that I feel are so alike to mine... Christopher McCandless and Cheryl Strayed (and if you don't know who they are then get your arse to a bookstore and buy both Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer (my favorite book ever written) and Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Maybe then you will understand me more.)

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  1. I think it is great that you push yourself when other people tell you that you can't do it. No one should push another person down just because they think they can't do it... I commend you Jade xox

  2. I have read Wild and thoroughly enjoyed it. I recently returned Into the Wild to the library unread because of my ridiculously large tbr pile. Now I wish i'd extended my loan! I am not as much of a traveller as you, but I was once a dreamer and aspiring writer. I don't know where my dreams have gone...they're probably sleeping during this busy time in my life. Your book shop sounds like perfection! I hope to visit it someday.


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