Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day #4: 30 Day Writing Challenge

List 5 places you want to visit:

I'm not counting my aforementioned fantasies of Bali as I have already been there... 
No, this is a list of places I have yet to visit but one day most certainly will. 

  1. Ireland (Sexy Irish Accents.... Can't Resist.... Yes my reasons for wanting to visit Ireland seem shallow.. they actually do stem deeper than that but I'm knackered and can't really be arsed to write much today.... so much for a writing challenge!)
  2. India (Yoga / Meditation / Silence Retreats, Culture, Spirituality, Self-Growth!)
  3. Canada (Snowboard!)
  4. Machu Pichu, Peru (Hike!)
  5. Iceland (to see the Northern Lights, Glacier Caves)

I also really want to go to a hot air balloon festival. Going in a hot air balloon is so high up on my bucket list... I'm still deciding where best to treat myself to this little excursion. Turkey, perhaps???

PS today was a good day playing in the snow in Mallorca, Spain. Adios, for now.

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  1. I want to visit India, too! Ever since reading Eat Pray Love many years ago, I knew I wanted to visit Italy, India and Indonesia -- although Italy is the only one of those I've checked off my list so far. I hope you get the chance to go to all of these beautiful places! xx

  2. Yay, Canada is on the list... and I want to go in a hot air balloon too... I think it would be so exciting xox

  3. You best be letting me know when and if you come to Canada, girl. XOX


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