Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day #6: 30 Day Writing Challenges

5 Ways to Win My Heart:

  1. Surprises. A flower on my windshield, a dress laid out on the bed with a note telling me to be ready at 8pm, a book I've been wanting for ages, a whole day planned for us to enjoy together... it could be the simplest of things. I just want to see an effort to want to surprise me - without me needing to think or hint....
  2. Coffee in bed... you won't be able to speak to me in the morning without this.... be warned.
  3. Loyalty. Look at me and think of me as the only girl in the world in your eyes. I hate cheaters. I hate wondering eyes. It hurts. Its disrespectful. Its one way to make me close off to you in a heartbeat.
  4. Be proud of me... hold my hand in public. Give me cuddles. Want a picture with me if we're out and about doing something cool. Call me your girlfriend when introducing me to people.... speak highly of me... it goes such a long way to make me feel good about myself.... 
  5. Be playful. Tickle, tackle, laugh, joke, play twister and scrabble and Heads Up and just have FUN with me... do things that help us bond and connect.... there is nothing that makes me happier than laughing with the guy I love.

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